Fair Shares CSSA

Supporting Local Food Producers

Fair Shares CCSA (Combined Community Supported Agriculture) has created a local food loop that connects farmers, small producers and the St. Louis community they feed. By supporting these farmers and encouraging our other producers to use locally-sourced ingredients, Fair Shares members are helping to grow the local economy, pay farmers a fair wage, and vote with their dollar by not supporting the broken industrial food system.

Having a relationship with our farmers ensures integrity and accountability so that we know our food is safe, nutritious and delicious. We provide local and seasonal foods grown with sustainable, if not organic practices. Our farmers donโ€™t worry that we are feeding an insect or two along the way. Some farmers may spray in the event of an infestation, but not just as a preventive measure like our industrial food system practices.

We provide our members with a well-rounded example of the multitude of local food produced in our area, each week collecting and distributing fresh, seasonal products from farmers and artisans who call Missouri and Illinois home.

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