Preservation Square - Carr Square Neighborhood

4 weeks 1 day ago
A project to re-imagine one of the subsidized housing superblocks in the Near North Side, Preservation Square, has been long in the planning phases, so an update with funding secured was much welcomed news in 2019.
Mark Groth

43 New Homes - Gate District Neighborhood

4 weeks 2 days ago
St. Louis University has been land banking for years in the Gate District. Here’s an opportunity for real positive, urban change. Will it be a good or bad result? Keep your eye on this one!
Mark Groth

2200 Washington Avenue - Downtown West Neighborhood

1 month ago
A small business growing and rooting down in a pivotal neighborhood is cause for optimism. Deco buildings are perfect complements of the time to our older red brick beauties in the area. More small biz in Downtown St. Louis please!
Mark Groth

Webster School - Old North St. Louis Neighborhood

1 month ago
This is the second of two historic Ittner schools that have development plans in place. Removing Webster from the SLPS surplus properties list would be a boon for the city and the thought of a new use a boon for Old North St. Louis.
Mark Groth

43 New Homes Coming to the Gate District Neighborhood

4 months ago
43 new homes will bring some much needed infill to a section of the Gate District. This is an historic event and a testing of the waters with the St. Louis Midtown Redevelopment Corporation’s ideas for new housing in the ~400 acre section of the city they are administering.
Mark Groth

Ten New Homes in Peabody Darst Webbe Neighborhood

5 months ago
Ten new homes are rising on the remaining vacant lots in Peabody Darst Webbe. This project will provide affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity - St. Louis. What a great project for this neighborhood just south of Downtown West.
Mark Groth

St. Louis Public Schools - Surplus Properties List

5 months 1 week ago
With school starting back up last week, seemed like as good a time as ever to visit the remaining schools on the SLPS surplus buildings list. These can be yours for a most reasonable price. Man there are some amazing, historic places in this city. We ranked them from top to bottom on biggest wins for the city’s history and architecture.
Mark Groth


5 months 2 weeks ago
We have over 100 parks in St. Louis for ~298,000 people. Not all are cared for equally. Only the citizenry can help the parks that need it. Why not a place to click to help?
Mark Groth
2 hours 3 minutes ago

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