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Mayor Tishaura Jones says St. Louis is 'in the middle of a renaissance' in State of the City address

2 weeks ago
Mayor Tishaura Jones sold St. Louis as a city undergoing a renaissance in her State of the City address Tuesday night. Jones struck a noticeably different tone this year than in her last State of the City address. Last year, she spent a lot of time preaching patience, telling voters change will come if you just wait for it. This year, she acknowledged the impatience of voters who want to see change now. "Yes, crime rates are down in our city," Jones said. "But they're not where we want them to…
Mark Maxwell

Democratic filibuster of initiative petition bill exceeds 41 hours, sets new record

2 weeks ago
A filibuster in the Missouri Senate set a new record Wednesday morning, as Democrats continued to demand “ballot candy” about non-citizen voting and foreign fundraising be removed from an initiative petition bill before it goes to voters. The previous modern record for longest filibuster was set earlier this year by the Senate Freedom Caucus, who held the floor for 41 hours. Democrats passed that mark at around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. With time ticking down as the legislature is set to adjourn…
Anna Spoerre