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St. Louis Artists’ Guild Members Exhibition 2023

The St. Louis Artists’ Guild is proud to present our annual members' exhibition, an all-media and theme exhibit.

Juror: Yingxue Zuo - Professor Emeritus at St. Louis Community College - Forest Park
Yingxue Zuo combines ancient techniques from his birthplace in China with those of contemporary Western practice. He is inspired by the natural world, finding inspiration to create works of art ranging from sketches, oil paintings, woodblock prints, and Chinese ink paintings. Yingxue Zuo has lived in St. Louis since 1990, and travels regularly to China, where he conducts tours and workshops. Zuo holds a Master of fine arts degree in painting and printmaking from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin Province, China. His works have been exhibited throughout the United States and China, and are in a number of university collections, including Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and Webster University, among others.

Juried Artists:
CB Adams, Michael Anderson, Karen Atkins, Sarah Ball, Eve Bayer, Eldon Benz, Sarah Blumenfeld, Robert Bolla, Marilynne Bradley, Paul Breuer, Mary Jo Clark, Jen Collins, Michael Daft, Jo Jasper Dean, Gabe Drueke, Dina Fachin, Amy Firestone Rosen, Janet Fons, Debbie Franke, Nancy Galvin, Gaye Gambell-Peterson, Anne Gebhardt, Leah Golembeski, Nancy Grimes, Brett Hall, Stephanie Halpin, John Hardecke, Michele Hilbing, Christine Ilewski, Greg Kluempers, Robert Kokenyesi, Ruth Kolker, Kelley Lanuto, Lynn Mackenzie, J Kent Martin, Amy Miller, Mary Ann Nye, Noemi Oyarzabal, Alex Paradowski, Scott Peters, Erica Popp, Nadine Rinehart, Dennis L. Ringering, Steven Schroeder, Melanie Shedd, Douglas Simes, Steve Springmeyer, Jane Steinhauer, Nikolaos Trikalinos, Andy Van Der Tuin, Susan Wehrman, Mark Witzling, David M. Yates, Carmile Zaino, Maggie Zografakis

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm

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