Conditional Use Hearing

The Conditional Use Hearing will be accessible for online viewing at: or via phone at: (253) 215-8782 with the following Meeting ID: 829 3750 5919  

3507 Kingsland  AHO-5515-20-Lawn Enforcement
(Lawn Care/Landscaping/Office Use Only)
“B”-Two Family Dwelling District dm
Ward 25

4238 Linton AHO-5877-20-TeTe Toya’s Daycare
(Home Daycare/4 Children)
“B”-Two Family Dwelling District
Ward 3

2753 Chippewa AOP-5844-20-Sugar Rio’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop, LLC      
(Ice Cream Parlor/Candy Store)
“F”-Neighborhood Commercial District  ag
Ward 20
7820 N Broadway AOP-5741-20-CI-KE Social Club
(Event Space/Fund Raising/No Cooking)
“G”-Local Commercial and Office District ag
Ward 2

2631 Gravois AOP-5808-20-The Whitfield Foundation For Success, Inc
(Schools/Tutoring Programs/Coding/STEM Subjects)
“F”-Neighborhood Commercial District dm
Ward 6

1325 Hampton AOP-5836-20-Love N Light Wellness, LLC  
(Café/Cooking/Sidewalk Seating/No Liquor)
“F”-Neighborhood Commercial District dm
Ward 24

5791 Thekla AOP-5056-20-Regal Meat Market, LLC
(Convenience Store/Cooking/Carryout Only/No Liquor)
“F”-Neighborhood Commercial District sl
Ward 27

900 Hickory        AB-559209-20-Hickory Street General Store
(Int/Ext Alt to Build Garage/Kitchen/
Bath Remodel for Single Fam)
“D”-Multiple Family Dwelling District te
Ward 7

902 HickoryAB-559390-20-Hickory Street General Store
(Int/Ext Alterations per plans for Garage for Single Family)
“D” Multiple Family Dwelling District te
Ward 7

2712 Locust AB-558864-20-Jimmy Powell
(Construct Parking Garage per plans)
H”-Area Commercial District sk
Ward 6

5337 Von Phul AB-558598-20-Tony Duncan
(Construct Gas Station/Convenience Store per plans)
“F”-Neighborhood Commercial District te
Ward 21

Event Type: Community Event
When: Thursday, December 24, 2020 at 08:30 AM
Location: City Hall
Neighborhood: City-Wide
Ward: Many Wards
Admission: Free. GUIDANCE FOR THE PUBLIC OBSERVING MEETING: ? In order to ensure all participants can hear the audio in the meeting, it is essential that your phone or microphone be muted when you are not speaking. ? Please follow any guidelines or rules established by the Conditional Use Officer during the meeting. ? If you wish to speak for the public hearing, and you are on your computer, please send to everyone in the chat section your name, the case you wish to address and if you are in support or opposition. The Conditional Use Officer will address you individually, at which time we ask that you un-mute yourself to speak. Once you are done, please state that you are finished and resume the mute functionality. ? If you wish to speak for the public hearing and you are on a phone, and not at a computer or online personal device with a screen, the Conditional Use Officer will ask if anyone on the phone has additional comments. At that time, please un-mute by pressing *6 and state your first name. If more than one individual has identified themselves, the Conditional Use Officer will ask one person to speak at a time. Each person must state very clearly, their name, affiliation (if any) and address and proceed to comment. Once you are done, please state that you are finished and resume the mute functionality by pressing *6
Contact Phone: (314) 622-3666


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