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St. Louis Development Corporation Rescheduled Board Meeting via Zoom

The public may access the meeting in two ways: 

Via Zoom - please click the link below to join the webinar:

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86549863783 [us02web.zoom.us]

Via Phone at: (312) 626-6799 with Webinar ID: 865 4986 3783


1. Call To Order And Roll Call
2. Approval Of Minutes June 16, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Via Zoom
3. Resolution No. 22-SLDC-842 Approving A Short List For The Construction Manager Of The Housing Access And Neighborhood Stabilization Revolving Loan Fund [Bill Seddon]
4. Resolution No. 22-SLDC-843 Approving A Contract With Maryville University Of St. Louis, Not To Exceed $50,000 Per Year, To Develop And Furnish Small Businesses And M/Wbe Educational Programming [Stacey Fowler]
5. Resolution No. 22-SLDC-844 Approving Issuance Of A Request For Qualifications For Consulting Services To Assist SLDC With The Implementation Of The North City Commercial Corridors Program [Daffney Moore]
6. Resolution No. 22-SLDC-845 Approving An Annual Administrative Budget For Fiscal Year 2023 (Fy23) Covering The Period July 1, 2022 Through June 30, 2023 [Charlie Hahn]


Total Revenue and Expense is $15,366,000 for the FY23 budget compared to $10,931,000 for the approved FY22 budget.
This is an increase of $4,435,000 (40.6%).

Revenue Recap:

Overall the CDBG Revenues budgeted for administration in FY23 have increased by $289,000 compared to FY22.
Agency contributions to the FY23 budget increased by $200,000 from the FY22 budget.
Other Revenue increased $3,965,000 in FY23 compared to FY22.
Overall, budgeted revenues increased $4,435,000 in FY23 compared to FY22.
Much of this increase is attributable to the implementation of the Economic Development Framework report.
This includes the hiring of area managers, housing specialists, and small business liaisons.
Also, SLDC has been designated the recipient of two American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocations made by the City totaling $66.1 million. Additional staffing to administer these grant funds is contained in this budget.

Expense Recap:

Personnel cost increased $2,670,,000 in FY23 compared to FY22.
See comment made above regarding Framework implementation and ARPA administration.
The Supply line item increased $130,000 primarily due to the purchase of project management software for many of the staff.
The Equipment line item increased $75,000 to upgrade the audio/visual equipment and equip new staff.
The Consultant line item increased $1,438,000 for items described in the Budget Attachment page.
Overall, budgeted expenses are $4,435,000 more in FY23 than FY22.
See comment made above regarding Framework implementation and ARP administration.
See Note below.
The FY23 budget has 99 full time positions compared to 75 in FY22.


The FY23 budget continues to implement recommendations proposed for SLDC in the Economic Development Framework report completed in 2020.
This budget also gears up for the administration of ARPA programs relating to Small Business Grants, Small Business Loans, Housing Development, an Empowerment Center and and Commercial Corridor funding all with an emphasis on the City Northside.


Event Type: Meeting
When: Thursday, August 04, 2022 at 08:00 AM
Location: SLDC Conference Room A
Neighborhood: City-Wide
Ward: Many Wards
Admission: Free.
Contact Phone: (314) 657-3759