Dutchtown Community Improvement District

Dutchtown Community Improvement Initiatives Underway

With the help of many dedicated volunteers and community leaders, the Dutchtown Community Improvement District (DTCID) was officially passed as Ordinance No. 70,559 on June 9, 2017, and became effective on July 21, 2017.ย  The DTCID was created through the circulation and approval of a petition by more than 51% of property owners within the DTCID boundaries, to implement a special real estate tax assessment that will allow the DTCID board of directors to focus on three major priorities - Safety & Security, Maintenance & Beautification, and Marketing & Development.

At its May 24, 2018 meeting, the DTCID board approved a budget for its 2018-2019 fiscal year, with almost 50% being allocated to safety and security, 12% to maintenance and beautification, 12% to marketing and development, and 5% to legal and administrative.ย  The remaining balance will leave some flexibility for the board to adjust as needed during the first full year of operations as we learn what works and is most effective for the neighborhood.

The board of directors is comprised of residents, business owners, and property owners with a vested interest in the Dutchtown neighborhood.ย  The current board is Ashley Raineri, Chair; Stephen Bruce, Vice Chair; Caya Aufiero, Secretary; Brandon Jacobsen, Treasurer; Anthony Duncan, Director; Stevie Limmer, Director; and Michael Powers, Director.ย  The board has also established three committees whose goal is to focus on the DTCID's priorities listed above - Safety & Security, Maintenance & Beautification, and Marketing & Development.ย  Stevie, Anthony, and Stephen serve as chairs of each committee, respectively.

If you would like to get involved in the revitalization efforts of the Dutchtown neighborhood or have feedback about DTCID initiatives, board meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month at Urban Eats Cafรฉ, 3301 Meramec, at 5:30 pm.ย  Committee meetings are the first, second, and third Thursdays of each month.ย  Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date on committee meeting dates and times - https://www.facebook.com/dutchtownstl/.


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