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Our Mission

St. Louis is home to world class health care, higher education, museums, parks, sports teams and more. Most importantly though, it’s home to over 3 million people. People who live, work and raise families in the St. Louis community.

As CEOs and executives from St. Louis’ largest companies, we know the heart and soul of this great region lies with the friendly, hardworking people who live here. We also know that truly caring for local residents means not only providing job opportunities, but also addressing important challenges. That’s our duty as leaders and corporate citizens, and it’s why we partner with other influential organizations to improve community and business life for all who live here.

In order to have the greatest impact, Civic Progress strategically focuses on public safety, education, economic empowerment, infrastructure, innovation, entrepreneurship and regional collaboration. Outside of those areas, we play a role in advancing other community initiatives, always aiming to make St. Louis a more vibrant community, one that is full of opportunity for everyone. That is the goal of Civic Progress.

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