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Public Safety Committee Meeting

This Board of Aldermen committee meeting will be held in person in the Kennedy Room 208 at the St. Louis City Hall. Members of the public may attend in person or use the Zoom Webinar Link below to join the meeting. 

Public comment will be taken on the designated Board Bills and topics listed below. A sign in sheet will be available for those who wish to make public comment in person. There is no pre-registration to speak at this meeting. Rules for speaking are outlined below.

COVID Protocols for In Person Attendance 

The Board of Aldermen continues to encourage observing COVID-19 safety protocols in the office and during in person meetings, when transmission rates are high. Those who wish to wear a mask are encouraged to do so. The wearing of a mask is optional.

You may watch the meeting live via the web @ www.stltv.net      

You may also watch the meeting live on Youtube@https://youtube.com/CityofStLouisMO     



On Charter Cable with digital box (Channel 992) 

On AT&T U-Verse Channel 99

 To attend and/or testify at this meeting virtually click the link below: 


Procedures to Speak in Committee Meetings Virtually

The Chair of the Committee will announce when the meeting will be open for public comment. If you wish to speak, click the “Raise Hand” icon and function in the Zoom Meeting Screen while in the meeting. This will place a raised hand next to your name. Usually only people showing a raised hand will be called on to speak.

When the Chair is ready for you to speak you will be moved from the attendee list to the participant list by the meeting manager. You will be moved back to the attendee list once you are completed. Speakers from the public will be called to speak in order of appearance on the list. Committee members may have questions after your talk.

When you enter the meeting to speak the Chair will ask your name and may ask if you are for, against or have no position on the petition. The Chair may also ask other questions related to your relationship to the petition.

The Chair will determine the amount of time all speakers will have. The Chair may determine this after all those wishing to speak have raised their hands. The time usually allotted to speak is about three (3) minutes. The exact time will be announced by the Chair before the public comments begin. 

Board of Aldermen Rule 34 - Public Hearing Procedures 

After the presentation of a bill, resolution, or topic for discussion by City Officials or invited guests at a Committee Meeting, the proponents and the opponents of said bill or resolution shall be heard alternately, and public comment on the topic for discussion shall be heard. If the hearing is set in person, all persons who wish to testify at a public hearing shall sign a list which shall be made available by the Chair of the Committee at least one-half hour before the announced time of the hearing. If the hearing is held via electronic communication, all persons who wish to testify may, but are not required to sign up in advance. Registered persons (if any) shall be called upon first, followed by participants who request to testify during the hearing. 

The initial presentation of any witness shall be no longer than five minutes except with the permission of the Committee Chair, but any witness may respond to questions by members of the Committee for an additional period of time to be determined by the Committee Chair; and any witness may submit written testimony to the Committee at any time prior to the conclusion of the hearing on the bill.

Written Comments

Written comments to be shared with members of the Board may be emailed to the Board of Aldermen Clerk - Mr. Terry Kennedy at: kennedyt@stlouis-mo.gov.  They may also be mailed through the US Postal Service or dropped off. They should be addressed to: Mr. Terry Kennedy, Clerk, St. Louis Board of Aldermen, St. Louis City Hall 1200 Market Street Room 230, St. Louis Mo. 63103.

Those with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities, who may need sign language interpreters, written materials in alternative formats, or other accommodations should make a request to kennedyt@stlouis-mo.gov or call 314-589-6845 at least 48 hours before the meeting.

The committee will discuss the following. No Public comment will be taken. 

Discussion Item Number 1

Committee of Plumbing Review

The committee will discuss the Mayoral reappointment of LaMarko Scales, Patrick Moynihan, Michael Young and Daryl Hunter to the Committee of Plumbing Review.

Discussion Item Number 2

Plumbers and Drainlayers Board of Examiners

The committee will discuss the Mayoral reappointment of Matthew Scott Russell and Patrick Moynihan to the Plumbers and Drainlayers Board of Examiners.  

The committee will discuss and take public comment on the following.  

Discussion Item Number 3

Re-envisioning the Workhouse   

The committee will discuss and review the final report of the Re-envisioning the Workhouse Committee. 

This is a discussion continued from March 28, 2024 committee meeting. 

Event Type: Aldermanic Committee Meeting
When: Thursday, April 04, 2024 at 01:00 PM
Location: St. Louis Board of Aldermen - City Hall
Neighborhood: City-Wide
Ward: Many wards
Admission: Free.
Contact Phone: (314) 622-3287