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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Floods 🌊

  • East St. Louis city leaders face obstacles with getting FEMA aid for flood victims – KSDK
  • ‘People are really hurting’: FEMA searches for flood victims needing assistance – KSDK
  • FEMA goes door to door in University City to help flood victims – FOX 2
  • Gas, taxes, unemployment: New relief available to STL flood victims – FOX 2

Events 📆

  • Butter Cow revealed for 2022 Illinois State Fair – FOX 2

BuySTL 👜

  • $1.2B mixed-use project proposed downtown along Mississippi River – KSDK
  • Large redevelopment proposed in Brentwood, and more: in the news – 40 South News
  • $1.2B redevelopment could come to STL riverfront south of the Arch – FOX 2
  • 1820s Bissell Mansion, longtime dinner theater venue, is for sale for $250,000 – stltoday.com

    Restaurants 🍲

  • Taco Buddha Is Coming to Kirkwood – RFT
  • City Diner in St. Louis Has Closed – RFT
  • How Taqueria Morita in the Central West End is taking tacos and more for a spin – St. Louis Magazine

STLfood ⚜️

  • At Bijoux, the chocolates, not the décor, are the draw – St. Louis Magazine
  • Butcher shops or markets in St. Louis area. – r/StLouis

STL100 💯

  • In St. Louis, like a lot of midwestern cities, if you grew up in the region, you’re very likely still there when you’re 26. – The Morning News

STL99 😱

  • One person taken to hospital after large Metro East warehouse fire – stltoday.com
  • 5-alarm fire at recycling factory near Granite City contained, 1 injured – KSDK
  • Destructive Interco Fire In Madison Update, Plus Drone Photos – RiverBender
  • Multiple Units Battle Massive Blaze At Interco In Madison – RiverBender
  • PHOTOS: Heavy flames from Metro East warehouse – FOX 2
  • Radar shows heavy smoke in Metro East, up to 5,000 feet high – FOX 2

99MO 😱

  • Missouri waterpark issues apology and video from racial incident – FOX 2

Police 🚓

  • St. Charles police aim to help drivers through Lights On! program – FOX 2

DotGov 🏛

CityGov 🏛

  • Detainee at St. Louis City Justice Center dies after being found unresponsive – KSDK

    FedGov 🏛

  • Trump Is Peddling a Conspiracy the FBI Planted Evidence at Mar-a-Lago – VICE US
  • Surprise: U.S. Quest To Purge Chinese Gear From Domestic Networks Was A Sloppy Mess – Techdirt
  • Countries that have been bombed by the United States since 1945 – Maps on the Web

Sustainability ♻️

Ecology 🦤

  • Missouri River Conditions Improving, But Drought Persists – The Waterways Journal

    WWwx 🌦

  • "There is no more water in the pipes" — Facing extreme drought, over 100 municipalities in France have no drinking water – Boing Boing
  • Rainwater Everywhere Now Considered Too Toxic for Safe Consumption, Study Finds – VICE US

Twitter 🐦

  • Former Twitter worker convicted of helping Saudi Arabia spy on dissidents – Engadget
  • West African Court Says Nigerian Government’s Seven-Month Twitter Ban Was Unlawful – Techdirt
  • Elon Musk sells Tesla shares worth $6.9b as Twitter lawsuit looms – The Register

Space 🚀

  • Russian anti-satellite test added to a ‘pressing threat to security’ in space – The Register
  • SpaceX successfully completes static fire test of Starship’s Super Heavy booster – Engadget
  • SpaceX Launches 3,000th Starlink Satellite as Elon’s Internet Constellation Continues to Grow – Gizmodo
  • FCC rejects Starlink request for nearly $900 million in broadband subsidies – Engadget
  • Researcher Hacks Starlink Terminal to Warn SpaceX of Dangerous Flaws – Gizmodo
  • SpaceX Performs Limited Static Fire Test of Starship Booster, Avoids Explosion – Gizmodo


Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • A rural guy who built his own ISP just to have decent service gets government funding to add more customers – Boing Boing
  • Raw data: Inflationary episodes over the past 70 years – Kevin Drum
  • Cloudflare Also Targeted by Hackers Who Breached Twilio – SecurityWeek
  • NIST Post-Quantum Algorithm Finalist Cracked Using a Classical PC – SecurityWeek