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STLduJour(nal) ⏳ - MMXXII:120-AM

STL: Saturday, April 30, 2022

Events πŸ“†

  • The Nature Institute To Host Viewing Of Lunar Eclipse - RiverBender
  • April's "black moon" approaches on April 30th - Boing Boing
  • Today's Events - RFT - stLouIST

BuySTL πŸ‘œ

  • Oliver's Coffee and Flower Bar in Maplewood Has Closed - RFT
  • Opening Day For The Alton Farmers' & Artisans' Market Is Saturday, May 7 - RiverBender

Restaurants 🍲

STLfood ⚜️

  • ISO Schnucks Italian Pasta Salad Recipe - r/StLouis

Neighborhoods 🏑

STL99 😱

  • In St. Louis' new push for growth, some see an overlooked problem: The Metro East's alarming decline - KSDK
  • Temblor time: A 2.8 magnitude earthquake hits St. Louis County - stltoday.com
  • Minor Earthquake Rumbles St. Louis County - RFT
  • Magnitude 2.8 earthquake hits St. Louis area, USGS reports - FOX 2
  • Magnitude 2.8 earthquake shakes St. Louis area, USGS says - KSDK
  • St. Louis looking like a depressing outlier here - r/StLouis
  • Rapper 30 Deep Grimeyy Can’t Quit St. Louis, Despite Dangers - RFT

WW99 😱

  • Russia's Apparently Using Military Dolphins to Protect Its Naval Base - Gizmodo
  • Who Is Sabotaging France's Fiber Optic Cables? - Gizmodo
  • American tourists in Israel packed "souvenir" of unexploded shell in suitcase, triggering mass chaos at airport - Boing Boing

Police πŸš“

  • Illinois schools and police punish students with costly tickets for minor misbehavior - KSDK

DotGov πŸ›

  • Houston Passes Ordinance Forcing Businesses To Install Cameras, Provide Warrantless Access To Recordings - Techdirt

CityGov πŸ›

  • BB 14 - Tent Shelters on Public Right of Ways - Board Bills
  • St. Louis bill would ban tent cities on public right of way - FOX 2

LocalGov πŸ›

  • Jerseyville, Illinois rebrands downtown with goal of population growth - KSDK

MoGov πŸ›

  • Missouri Senate OKs bill to let some food stamp recipients use benefits at restaurants - FOX 2
  • MoDOT Accepting Applications for Freight Enhancement Program Until June 3 - St. Louis Regional Freightway

FedGov πŸ›

  • White House Sets Up Monumentally Stupidly Named β€˜Disinformation Governance Board’ - Techdirt
  • Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green reportedly "separated" at GOP event to prevent them coming to blows - Boing Boing

History πŸ¦•

  • Maplewood History: Even More Vintage Photographs from Some of the Earliest Photography Studios in St. Louis - 40 South News

DIY πŸͺ“

  • Apple Releases Self Repair Kit - Make
  • Apple just launched its first self-repair program. Other tech companies are about to follow. - Grist
  • This EV charger packs an Arduino-based DIY solution in a commercial enclosure - Arduino Blog
  • Microsoft Finally On Path to Allow Self-Repair of Products - Gizmodo

Sustainability ♻️

  • Oil Companies Report Huge Profits Amid Sky-High Gas Prices - Gizmodo
  • Olin Corp. creates joint venture with Plug Power to produce green hydrogen - St. Louis Business Journal

Infrastructure 🚽

  • MoDOT to close Cherokee on ramp to I-55 South - r/StLouis

Ecology 🦀

  • An albino squirrel lives in my front yard. Aren't these pretty rare? I've lived here most my 37 years and this is the first I've ever seen. - r/StLouis
  • Hummingbird Tracker - stLouIST

Twitter 🐦

  • Europe Starts Its Own Social Networks - Gizmodo
  • It's Time to Open the Black Box of Social Media - ACM
  • Musk Goes Bird Hunting - Gizmodo
  • Jack Dorsey: β€˜Nothing that is said now matters’ - Engadget
  • Toxic Twitter Disinfo Is Bad Enough. Musk Could Make It Even Worse. - VICE US
  • Musk Buying Twitter Is Not About Freedom of Speech - ACM
  • Elon Musk reportedly wants to charge for tweet embeds - Engadget

Captain's Blog πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

  • A Fully Aligned Webb Space Telescope Sees a Field of Stars - Gizmodo
  • Cheeky Sea Lion Takes Over the Pool Area at a Galapagos Honeymoon Resort - Laughing Squid
  • Creating the DigitalOcean Logo in 3D With CSS - CSS-Tricks
  • Dorfromantik: a gorgeous, relaxing village-building game - Boing Boing
  • Ease back into your office routine with Google - Google
  • NASA's modified Boeing 747 SP SOFIA to be grounded for good - The Register
  • Snap's CEO Finally Calls The Metaverse What It Is - Gizmodo
  • Your Smartphone's Selfie Cam Can See a Lot by Capturing Reflections in Your Pupils - Gizmodo