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STL: Monday, November 8, 2021

Events πŸ“†

  • Why a fireball may light up the sky tonight - FOX 2
  • 2021 Florissant Veterans Parade is largest in event's history - FOX 2

BuySTL πŸ‘œ

  • Fresh Thyme at City Foundry Looking Ready to Go This Evening. (Opens in 2 days.) Excited for groceries in Midtown. - r/StLouis
  • St. Louis soapmaking company Woodberry Co. raises the bar - St. Louis Magazine

Restaurants 🍲

Neighborhoods 🏑

DIY πŸͺ“

Sustainability ♻️

  • Spire customers weigh in on potential shutdown in December - FOX 2
  • If you think Spire Sucks, Oklahoma Proposes Letting Gas Utility Charge A $1,400 β€˜Exit Fee’ To Go Electric - r/StLouis

STL99 😱

  • St. Louis pet rescue groups 'drowning' in abandoned cats, dogs - KSDK
  • College enrollment across St. Louis fails to rebound following steep pandemic decline - stltoday.com

STL100 πŸ’―

  • ARCHS grants $2.5 million for after school programs - stlamerican.com
  • Nicklaus: He grew up under the Golden Arches. Now he’s St. Louis’ No. 2 McDonald’s franchisee. -stltoday.com

100MO πŸ’―

  • New funds, strategy may boost β€˜massive task’ of reducing lead exposure for Missouri kids - Missouri Independent

Crime πŸ—―

  • City officials say homicides down over 2020 rate - stltoday.com
  • Man in FBI custody for 2 St. Louis County murders; could be connected to more killings - FOX 2
  • Suspected St. Louis serial killer: Timeline of the crimes police connected to Perez Reed - KSDK
  • Suspected serial killer arrested for 6 homicides in St. Louis area and Kansas City - KSDK

Police πŸš“

  • Missouri police working to figure out how Facebook page was hacked - FOX 2

DotGov πŸ›

    CityGov πŸ›

    LocalGov πŸ›

    • Kirkwood Council weighs permit for restaurant by 4 Hands - stltoday.com

    MoGov πŸ›

    • What the infrastructure bill will do for Missouri and Illinois - KSDK

    FedGov πŸ›

    • Rep. Cori Bush defends 'no' vote on infrastructure bill - stltoday.com
    • Court freezes Biden's COVID-19 mandate - FOX 2
    • Dems end deadlock, House hands Biden infrastructure win - FOX 2

    Covid19 Info 🦠

    • St. Louis County still waiting for shipment of child-size COVID vaccines - FOX 2
    • Hartmann: Stop Saying 'Mandate' When You Mean 'Directive' - Riverfront Times
    • Additional doses allow St. Louis County to continue pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations - stltoday.com

    Jobs πŸ“„

    • Forestry Foreman - City of Saint Louis : Jobs
    • Career Central: Holly Jolly hiring fair this week, City of STL refuse jobs come with 3K bonus - KSDK
    • St. Louis city high on job openings list, survey says - stltoday.com

    History πŸ¦•

    • A Look Back β€’ Big Mound in St. Louis, legacy of a lost culture, leveled in 1869 - stltoday.com