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STL: Friday, April 29, 2022

Events 📆

  • The best food and drink events in St. Louis this weekend: April 29-May 1 - feastmagazine.com
  • Drug Take Back Day is April 30. Here's what you can and can't bring - KSDK
  • St. Louis’ first Plant-Based Restaurant Week starts May 1 - feastmagazine.com
  • Empty the Shelters - $25 Adoptions - Events and meetings from the City of St. Louis, MO
  • Meteorologists wow kids at Weather Day at Busch Stadium - KSDK
  • Cinco De Mayo on Cherokee Street and the People's Joy Parade Are Almost Here - RFT
  • The Hill Wine Walk Returns Next Weekend - RFT
  • St. Louis garden and house tours to visit in 2022 - St. Louis Magazine

BuySTL 👜

  • Boeing reports another dismal quarter, issues with 777X, T-7 - stltoday.com
  • Boeing unveils first new trainer jet for Air Force - stltoday.com
  • Boeing's first new model plane in decades unveiled in St. Louis - KSDK
  • Construction starts soon to convert downtown printing building to apartments - KSDK
  • Low-cost air carrier drops St. Louis service - KSDK
  • What's fresh at St. Louis-area farmers markets this week - feastmagazine.com

Restaurants 🍲

  • Snō by Chef Tony Nguyen, Opening This Summer, Is a Top Chef's St. Louis Homecoming - RFT
  • Ask George: "Are restaurants more inclined to use Twitter as a social media platform now that its ownership is changing?" - St. Louis Magazine
  • Eddie Arzola is bringing Arzola’s Fajitas & Margaritas to Benton Park next week - St. Louis Magazine
  • Inside the Post-Dispatch: Ian Froeb chats about developing the STL 100 - stltoday.com
  • St. Louis Standards: Iowa Buffet Is the Heart of St. Louis' Bar Scene - RFT
  • These are the best patios for drinking and dining in St. Louis - feastmagazine.com

STLfood ⚜️

  • Where to find Japanese milk bread - r/StLouis

STL99 😱

  • Removal of 10,000 ash trees continues in St. Louis - stltoday.com
  • Teens charged with murder after cab driver's body found at a high school - FOX 2
  • St. Louis judge orders Reign to pay nearly $340,000 in rent, attorney's fees - stltoday.com

STL100 💯

  • Cardinals welcome 50 millionth fan at Busch Stadium, breaking record - FOX 2
  • This 21-year-old wants to raise awareness around youth homelessness for a very personal reason - St. Louis Magazine

99MO 😱

  • Record Gas Prices Didn't Decrease Fuel Sales in Missouri - NextSTL - r/StLouis
  • LaunchCode Hopes to Expand Programs in Missouri Prisons - RFT

WW99 😱

  • Missouri National Guard sending armored personnel carriers to Ukraine - FOX 2
  • Missouri National Guard sending armored vehicles to aid Ukraine - KSDK

Police 🚓

  • Cannabis cops: Officers turning in their badges for security industry forming around medical marijuana - KSDK
  • SLMPD captain arrested on accusations of double-dipping with secondary job - r/StLouis
  • St. Louis police captain accused of working side job while on duty - stltoday.com

DotGov 🏛

CityGov 🏛

  • BB 2 - Zoning of 1404-06 Monroe Street - Board Bills
  • BB 3 - Ollie Stewart Way - Board Bills
  • BB 4 - The Namimg of a New Street extending between Kingshighway Boulevard on the west to Shaw Boulevard - Board Bills
  • BB 5 - Twenty-Seventy Ward Liquor Control District - Board Bills
  • BB 6 - Board of Aldermen Employees - Board Bills
  • BB 7 - Closing the 4000 block of West Belle Place at N. Sarah - Board Bills
  • BB 8 - Two Way Stop at Academy Avenue and Raymond Avenue - Board Bills
  • BB 9 - Speed Humps at Various Locations in the 18th Ward - Board Bills
  • BB 10 - Holly Hills Special Business District - Board Bills
  • BB 11 Public Health Disparities Initiative (“LPH Disparities Initiative”) Grant Award - Board Bills
  • BB 12 - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 - Board Bills
  • BB 13 - Speed Humps at Various Locations in the 27th Ward - Board Bills
  • Mayor Jones targets vacancies, development in North City ‘Roadmap’ - stlamerican.com
  • Request for Proposals for the ARPA Funded Direct Support to Care Worker Services and Aging Services - City of St. Louis Procurement Opportunities
  • FY2021 Emergency Solutions Grant Request for Proposals for Biddle Housing Opportunities Center (BHOC) - City of St. Louis Procurement Opportunities

LocalGov 🏛

  • $700K in ARPA funds to expand St. Louis prosecutor's office - FOX 2
  • County Council approves money for demolishing Jamestown Mall and more prosecutors - stlamerican.com
  • Critic's lawsuit accuses St. Louis County fire protection district of misconduct - stltoday.com
  • Former Missouri Representative Cora Faith Walker died of heart condition, St. Louis medical examiner rules - KSDK
  • Medical examiner: Cora Faith Walker died from heart disease - FOX 2
  • Medical report: Cora Walker died of heart disease; no illicit drugs found - stltoday.com
  • Sam Page pitches $5M for Wellston training center - St. Louis Business Journal
  • St. Louis Medical Official Says Cora Faith Walker Died of Heart Condition - RFT
  • Untreated heart disease claimed Cora Faith Walker - stlamerican.com
  • 'It's like "Game of Thrones.'" COVID backlash purges Branson City Hall - stltoday.com
  • Fort Worth, Texas, to Mine Bitcoin in City Hall After Trade Group Donation - VICE US

MoGov 🏛

  • Messenger: Guns become leading cause of child deaths, but Missouri looks the other way - stltoday.com
  • Missouri faces more lawsuits over lack of redistricting map - stltoday.com
  • Missouri House passes pair of bills that would limit trans students’ sports participation - Missouri Independent
  • Most lawmakers voted along party lines on Missouri bill limiting transgender athletes - KSDK
  • Republicans tussle over bill to provide warm meals to some Missouri SNAP recipients - Missouri Independent

FedGov 🏛

  • Amazon’s Union Busting Is Subsidized By The Government - The Lever
  • OSHA cites Berkeley paper recycling company after man falls in baler, dies - stltoday.com
  • OSHA issues $260K in fined to St. Louis County recycling company for safety violations - KSDK

Jobs 📄

History 🦕

  • Carondelet Log Cabin Salvaged by Landmarks Association - r/StLouis


  • Apple's self-repair service finally launches after months of silence - The Register
  • Here's What's Inside Apple's Hefty DIY iPhone Repair Kit Rentals - Gizmodo
  • How to Download Apple's Self Service Repair Manuals for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE Models - MacRumors
  • How To Find Out Where an Image Came From Using Online Tools - Gizmodo
  • New options for removing your personally identifiable information from Search - Google
  • Right to Repair Advocate on Apple's Program: 'Still Too Many Hoops to Jump Through' to Fix iPhones - MacRumors
  • Take a bite out of these scrappy recipes from Google chefs - Google
  • This CNC Machine Uses The Sun Instead of a Laser - Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Sustainability ♻️

  • Meta's newest AI discovers stronger and greener concrete formulas - Engadget
  • Preventing pollution or creating more greenhouse gases? Missouri debates ‘advanced recycling’ - Missouri Independent
  • This factory in India makes teddy bears stuffed with used cigarette butts - Boing Boing

Infrastructure 🚽

  • MoDOT wants your opinion on improvements coming to I-64 between Kingshighway and Jefferson - KSDK

Ecology 🦤

  • Take Steps To Help Stop Avian Flu In Wild Birds, Domestic Flocks - RiverBender
  • One in five reptile species is at risk of extinction - Science Magazine

Twitter 🐦

  • Data Suggests That Conservative Twitter Accounts Gained Followers, and Liberal Accounts Lost, After Musk Acquisition Was Announced - Daring Fireball
  • ‘I'm His Pig’: Responds to Elon Musk Buying Twitter - VICE US
  • Musk’s Brilliant Idea to ‘Unlock’ Twitter’s Potential: Charge for Embedded Tweets - Gizmodo
  • Twitter admits it accidentally overstated user numbers between 2019 and 2021 - Engadget
  • Twitter is Looking into Fluctuations in Follower Count Following Musk's Takeover - Gizmodo

Captain's Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • All 4 Building Blocks of DNA Have Been Found in Meteorites - VICE US
  • California Startup Aims to Build Space Hotel With Artificial Gravity by 2025 - Gizmodo
  • Charter and Comcast team up to build 'next-generation' streaming hardware - Engadget
  • Chip Startups Using Light Instead of Wires Gain Speed, Investments - ACM
  • Cloudflare Customer Targeted in Record HTTPS DDoS Attack - SecurityWeek RSS Feed
  • Dodge will reveal a Hornet plug-in hybrid in August - Engadget
  • Dropbox unplugged its own datacenter – and things went better than expected - The Register
  • Improve the Drupal developer experience to empower the Ambitious Site Builder - Blog
  • Inside Liberland, a Crypto-Libertarian Micronation In Eastern Europe - VICE US
  • MacOS Server, Adieu - Daring Fireball
  • Mars Helicopter Spots Perseverance Rover’s Landing Debris - kottke.org
  • New OpenSSF Project Hunts for Malicious Packages in Open Source Repositories - SecurityWeek RSS Feed
  • Overly-Dramatic Air Monitor Uses an Animated Canary That Passes Out When Air Quality Worsens - Gizmodo
  • Pro Tools is now only available as a subscription service - Engadget
  • Rivian teases off-road Sand Mode and a pet-friendly HVAC feature - Engadget
  • Tesla Issues New Model 3 Recalls in Both the U.S. and China - Gizmodo
  • Tesla stock slide puts Musk's Twitter deal in jeopardy - Boing Boing
  • Trump Just Bullied the Wisconsin GOP Into Continuing Its 2020 ‘Audit’ - VICE US
  • Twitch Reportedly Considering Cutting Streamer Pay to Boost Its Own Profits - Gizmodo