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What is the white paper revolution?

4 days 13 hours ago
Chinese protesters have turned to a uniquely plain everyday object in their demonstrations against the strict โ€œzero COVIDโ€ strategy โ€” a blank sheet of paper. As mass demonstrations first erupted in major cities across China last weekend, protesters could be seen holding up the blank sheets of white paper, leading some to dub the protests [...]
Julia Shapero

Amendment to SAFE-T Act filed

4 days 18 hours ago
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) โ€“ Senate Democrats filed an amendment they believe fixes the problems that have plagued the SAFE-T Act for months. Early Wednesday morning, Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) filed an amendment clarifying several items in the SAFE-T Act. Most of the changes in the amendment focus on tightening up vague language that left law [...]
Danny Connolly