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Louisiana governor wants to prosecute women who seek abortions

3 hours 45 minutes ago
Last month the good folks of Louisiana elected Republican Jeff Landry to be their next governor. Landry is a MAGA conservative and Trump admirer, with all the right-wing baggage that goes along with that. But here's something I didn't know. Apparently Landry is at war with his state's biggest city, New Orleans: He has threatened ...continue reading "Louisiana governor wants to prosecute women who seek abortions"
Kevin Drum

Is the Fed finally about to lower interest rates?

10 hours 36 minutes ago
The Wall Street Journal suggests the Fed will make a U-turn on interest rates soon: Twenty months after the Federal Reserve began a historic campaign against inflation, investors now believe there is a much greater chance that the central bank will cut rates in just four months than raise them again in the foreseeable future. ...continue reading "Is the Fed finally about to lower interest rates?"
Kevin Drum

It isnโ€™t true that โ€œweโ€ have lost confidence in science

13 hours 44 minutes ago
A few days ago the Wall Street Journal asked a bunch of college students to write about why we don't trust science anymore. Why? Beats me, but apparently they poll the youth of America every week on some subject or another. In any case, pretty much everyone agreed that the answer was COVID. But they ...continue reading "It isn’t true that “we” have lost confidence in science"
Kevin Drum

BREAKING: Sometimes things on the internet are misleading

1 day 13 hours ago
Emily Hand, a 9-year-old Irish girl, was released by Hamas yesterday. The taoiseach of Ireland released a statement: Twitter went nuts. This girl wasn't "lost"! She was kidnapped! Held hostage! How dare the leader of Ireland insult Israel this way!?! Here's the next paragraph: This is typical of the discourse these days. The LA Times ...continue reading "BREAKING: Sometimes things on the internet are misleading"
Kevin Drum

Nikki Haley is still losing ground to Trump

2 days 8 hours ago
The good news for Nikki Haley is that she's risen from 5% to 10% in the polls: The bad news is that in September she was 47 points behind Trump. Today, with Trump doing barely anything aside from writing unhinged posts on Truth Social, she's 49 points behind.
Kevin Drum

Israelis and Arabs have both acted abominably over the years

2 days 9 hours ago
I know this is hardly a brilliant insight, but I continue to be sort of stunned by how absolutist Americans are—or seem to be, anyway—on the subject of Israel and its enemies. It hardly requires a scholar's dedication to nuance to understand that both sides have acted horrifically at various times over the past century. ...continue reading "Israelis and Arabs have both acted abominably over the years"
Kevin Drum

Raw data: The death toll in Gaza

3 days 2 hours ago
This is according to the Gaza Ministry of Health through November 10th and the Government Media Office after November 22: Since the beginning of November Israel has been killing a very steady 300 Palestinians per day.
Kevin Drum

Raw data: Capital spending after passage of the infrastructure bill

3 days 4 hours ago
How's the infrastructure bill coming along? It passed in late 2021 and allocated $550 billion in new spending over eight years. That's about $70 billion per year. Here's actual spending: Adjusted for inflation, public construction spending had been trending downward when the infrastructure bill was passed. A few months later spending ticked up and is ...continue reading "Raw data: Capital spending after passage of the infrastructure bill"
Kevin Drum

We know why (some) people think the economy is terrible

3 days 13 hours ago
Arin Dube thinks he knows the answer to an ongoing issue: I am tried of this debate because the answer is yes and we should stop debating it https://t.co/47B2nG6JOL — Arin Dube (@arindube) November 24, 2023 In other words, the answer is yes to both questions. People are concerned about their actual conditions and social ...continue reading "We know why (some) people think the economy is terrible"
Kevin Drum