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stLouIST rebuild

stLouIST rebuild
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JW Sat, 10/30/2021 - 17:08

The time has come.

Drupal 8 has reached end of life and the bots are all over me.

The site is too unwieldy to mess with without exploding, so it's time to rebuild.


I've been building in Drupal 9 and am loving it so far.

Expect the theme to be similar to this.

Like the Amazon instance, I've got limited CPU and cycles myself.

Theme development waits a bit.

Looking at you TWIG.


I'm also going to start blocking the fucking bots.

If some search engines get lost in the process, so be it.


I'll rename the old instance and turn off it's feeds.

Maybe even move it to a static situation since the instance is costing $10 a month.



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