Board Bills 2019-2020

First Reading
BB 1 Budget FY 2020
BB 10 Rezoning City Block 4549
BB 12 Candidate Tax Compliance
BB 15 Downtown Steam Distribution
BB 18 Newstead West Community Improvement District
BB 19 Airport Privatization Vote
BB 23 Redevelopment Plan for 1920 N Broadway
BB 25 Redevelopment Plan for 3230 Oregon
BB 26 Redevelopment Plan for 2911-15 Ohio
BB 27 Candidate Declaration Requirement
BB 32 Establishment of Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
BB 36 Quit Claim for 6005 Westminster
BB 37 Port District Excluded Area
BB 40 Campaign Donor Contract
BB 41 Campaign Finance Donor
BB 42 Campaign Lobbyist Gifts
BB 46 Amending Redevelopment Plan for Lookaway
BB 60 Honorary Street Naming of Sarah Tillard Lane
BB 67 Amending Micro Mobility Fund
BB 7 Rezoning City Block 3399
BB 73 Intergovernmental Agreement with the United States Marshal Service
BB 77 Airport Vote Charter Amendment
BB 78 MEC Ethics
BB 9 Academic Health Department
Informal Calendar
BB 104 Expand Port Authority to Entirety of City Limits
BB 11 Ward Reduction
Final Passage
BB 14 Honorary Street Naming Father Biondi SJ Way
BB 16 Soulard Ordinance for Russell Vacate Fire Lane
BB 22 5347 Nottingham Parking District
BB 24 2019 TRANS
BB 28 Assignment and Assumption in Dual Custom Agreement
BB 33 One Way Traffic at Thrush
BB 4 4 way stop site at Garesche and Goodfellow
Second Reading
BB 17 Central West End SE Special Business District
BB 2 Medical Marijuana
BB 20 Extending Time Period to Collect Tax w/Central West End SE Special Business District
BB 21 Operating Lease Agreement for West End Community Center
BB 31 City Foundry TIF - RPA 2
BB 35 City Foundry Government Agreement
BB 38 Carrie Ave Phase II Redevelopment
BB 39 Amending Gate District East
BB 48 Small Wireless Facilities Amend
BB 5 Rezoning City Block 1179
BB 58 Improvement Project for I-64/Jefferson
BB 59 Tax Increment Revenue Notes for St. Louis Innovation District
BB 6 Rezoning City Block 1880
BB 71 Redevelopment Plan for 705 Olive
BB 79 Build-A-Bear
Third Reading
BB 34 Residency Requirement Vote Charter Revision
Perfection Consent
BB 43 Transit Sales Tax Account #1
BB 44 Transit Sales Tax Account #2
BB 45 Transportation Sales Tax
BB 61 Redevelopment Plan for 720-812 S. Theresa Redevelopment Plan
BB 66 An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for the 1221 Locust St.
BB 69 TIF Northeast Hampton/I-44 Redevelopment Project
BB 70 5236 Vernon Redevelopment Plan
BB 72 Redevelopment Plan for 1528-30 Locust
BB 74 First Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement bwt City of St. Louis Missouri and Pace-Delmar Associates LLC