STLouIST Board Bills


This page lists all the Board Bills published via the City of Saint Louis RSS Feed.

Board Bills here will have links to relevant information and voting.

BB 271
honorary street name, Norman R. Seay Avenue City
BB 269
four-way stop site at the intersection of Iowa and Juniata City
BB 268
Twenty-First Ward Liquor Control District. City
BB 267
honorary street name, Frankie Muse Freeman Boulevard, City
BB 265
Street name change to Pastor Bennie Lee Thompson City
BB 264
Redevelopment plan for 3450 Wisconsin City
BB 263
Cooperation Agrmt with Discovery Pier Land Holdings City
BB 262
Authorizing agrmt for City Foundry TIF RPA City Foundry, FoPa LLC, FoPa Partners LLC, BB262 City
BB 259
Playground Smoking Ban City
BB 258
Gateway Land CID City
BB 257
Redevelopment plan for 3434 and 3436 Indiana City
BB 256
Parking meter fund Parking City
BB 255
Energy efficient heating City
BB 254
Redevelopment plan for 1301 Union City
BB 253
Talmage Chouteau Residential Parking District City
BB 252
2018 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Programs City Wide City
BB 251
two-way stop site at the intersection of Alfred Street and Bingham Street City
BB 250
An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for 300 South Broadway. City
BB 249
adopting and approving redevelopment projects for Redevelopment Project Area 3, as described in the Amended and Restated St. Louis Innovation District Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Plan; City
BB 248
authorizing and directing the issuance and delivery of one or more series of tax increment revenue notes (St. Louis Innovation District/RPA 3 Redevelopment Project) Series A, Series B, and Series C City
BB 247
Redevelopment Plan for Forest Park Scattered Sites V Tax Abatement, Blight, redevelopment, Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority City
BB 245
SLDC to complete an annual City Economic Growth Strategy Report SLDC, City Economic Growth Strategy Report City
BB 244
honorary street name, Bismarck Street will begin at the intersection of Barton Street and 7th Street and run north on 7th Street to Lami Street City
BB 243
Ordinance regarding public meetings calendar Public Meetings, OpenGovSTL, Calendar City
BB 242
Enforcement of Code Violations City
BB 241
Collection of fines assessed by the Building Commission City
BB 240
Public Improvement Bonds City
BB 239
Zoning change for 4231 - 41 N. Grand City
BB 238
Redevelopment plan for 6132 and 7600 Vermont City
BB 237
Street name change to Patricia Breeze Campbell Way City
BB 236
Four-way stop at Clifton and Oleatha City
BB 235
Street name change to Pastor Steven Shepard Lane City
BB 234
Ordinance establishing Independent Investigations Unit City
BB 233
Ordinance amending Civilian Oversight Board Bill City
BB 232
Ordinance regarding the boundaries of the Port Authority City
BB 231
Redevelopment plan for 3548 S. Broadway City
BB 230
Redevelopment plan for 3024 Potomac City
BB 229
Redevelopment plan for 3450 Oregon City
BB 228
Redevelopment plan for 701-705 N. 1st Street City
BB 227
Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant City
BB 225
1st amendment to the agreement with Signature Flight Support City
BB 224
Sale to UE d/b/a Ameren Mo. City
BB 223
Redevelopment plan for 5522 Delmar City
BB 222
Ordinance establishing the Annual Public Safety Plan City
BB 221
Ordinance establishing EQH Market St. CID City
BB 217
Ordinance pertaining to the Zoning Code City
BB 220
Redevelopment plan or Locust St./Jefferson area City
BB 219
NGA Protection Special Use District City
BB 218
Ordinance regarding the regulation of bike sharing City
BB 216
Ordinance regarding business license regulations City
BB 215
3-way stop at Devanshire and Childress City
BB 214
Redevelopment plan for 4200-98 and 4201-99 Harris redevelopment City
BB 213
Redevelopment plan for 1216-1218 Kraft redevelopment City
BB 212
Sheriff Department pay bill Sheriff, Pay City
BB 211
zoning change for 3306 Wisconsin Zoning City
BB 210
Agreement with ABM Parking Services Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB210 City
BB 209
2nd Amendment to the Fuel System Lease Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB209 City
BB 208
Transfer of funds to the Airport Development Fund Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB208 City
BB 207
Dissolution of the East Loop/Parkview Gardens Special Business District BB207, Special Business District City
BB 206

Redevelopment plan for 5122-24 Kensington

BB206, Blight, Tax Abatement City
BB 205

Redevelopment plan for 2400-22 N. Sarah and 4056-58 St. Ferdinand

BB205, redevelopment, Blight, Tax Abatement City
BB 60
Ordinance relating to Public Safety City
BB 204
Redevelopment plan for 1020 Union/5251 Cates City
BB 203
Ordinance establishing a public works project City
BB 202
Ordinance closing traffic on Sullivan from Grand Avenue City
BB 201
Ordinance regarding TIF plans City
BB 200
TIF bill regarding the termination of two special allocation funds City
BB 199
Redevelopment plan for 4601 South Broadway City
BB 198
Redevelopment plan for 5231 - 5233 Shaw and 5239 - 5241 Shaw City
BB 197
Redevelopment plan for 7500 - 7518 South Broadway City
BB 196
Redevelopment plan for 4121 Russell Blvd. City
BB 195
Redevelopment plan for 2001-2003 Ann Av. City
BB 194
Ordinance repealing employee residency requirement BB194 City
BB 193
An ordinance pertaining to unlawful possession of marijuana BB193, Marijuana City
BB 192
Revocation of Special Use District City
BB 191
Forest Park Southeast Form-Based District City
BB 190
Ordinance pertaining to Parking Meter Fund City
BB 189
Zoning change for 2505 N. Sarah City
BB 188
Ordinance to terminate the Orpheum Theater CID City
BB 187
LRA property sales LRA, BB187 City
BB 186
Grand Center Bill Grand Center, Tax Abatement, TIF City
BB 185
Redevelopment plan for 3420 California BB185 City
BB 184
Ordinance authorizing local concept restaurant concession BB184, Host International, Lambert International Airport City
BB 183
Amendment to the Airfield Building and Environs Project City
BB 182
Transfer of money from Debt Service Stabilizing Fund to Airport Dev. Fund City
BB 181
Ordinance amending Redevelopment plan for Eleventh, Clark, 8th, Poplar City
BB 180
Ordinance to amend marijuana laws BB180, Marijuana City
BB 179
Ordinance establishing a 4-way stop at Bancroft and Prather City
BB 178
Ordinance establishing a 3-way stop at Missouri and Ann City
BB 177
Ordinance regarding Civilian Oversight Board BB177, COB, SLMPD, Board Bills City
BB 176
Safe and Thriving St. Louis Project City
BB 175
706 Market TIF BB175, TIF City
BB 174
Supplemental appropriation to the Annual Budget City
BB 173
Redevelopment plan for 2809 Belt City
BB 172
Quit Claim for Botanical Heights 4223 Gibson City
BB 171
Ordinance pertaining to Semiannual registration fee for buildings City
BB 170
Ordinance closing 4400 Red Bud City
BB 169
Ordinance relating to urban agriculture Urban Farming, Farm, Farming, STLfarms City
BB 168
Ordinance repealing ordinance 70475 Whistleblower Law City
BB 167
Stop sign for Piccadilly City