Board Bills

BB 140 Redevelopment plan for 5335 Gilson
BB 139 Street name change to Norma Leggett Lane
BB 138 Cortex Bill approving the Fifth Supplemental Trust Indenture
BB 137 Ordinance pertaining to Residential Disabled Parking
BB 136 Ordinance pertaining to Leases on the Wharf
BB 135 Service agreement with Complete Auto Body and Repair
BB 134 Ordinance pertaining to First Amendment Rights of Protection
BB 133 Vacation of Primm St. from Reilly westwardly
BB 132 Establishing the Office of Community Mediation
BB 131 Honorary street name - Elder Bennie Lee Thompson Street
BB 130 Ordinance pertaining to Scottrade Center
BB 99 Collection of funds for prevention of domestic violence
BB 129 Ordinance banning horses on public streets
BB 128 Establishing Detention Facility Advisory Commission
BB 127 Establishing speed bumps in O'Fallon Park
BB 126 Agreement with MSD sharing water data
BB 125 Ordinance repealing Ordinance 70573 pertaining to liquor licenses in the 27th Ward
BB 124 Ordinance repealing ordinance 6900 pertaining to liquor licenses in the Third Ward
BB 123 Block Grant Bill
BB 122 Use Tax Supplemental Appropriation
BB 121 4-way stop at Hartford and Morganford
BB 120 Consistent sidewalk square replacement
BB 119 City Works Now
BB 118 Vacate Chouteau at Sarah
BB 117 Payroll Tax Public Safety
BB 116 Redevelopment plan for 3830 and 3831 Boulevard Hgts
BB 115 Renaming Parkland Park to Frank Williamson Sr. Park
BB 114 Bi Annual Conflict of Interest Policy
BB 113 Street name change S. Sgt. Ron Bozikis
BB 112 First Amendment to Wi-Fi and Distributed Antenna System
BB 111 Airport Aid Agreement With Mo. Highways and Transportation Commission.
BB 110 Supplemental Agreement to Airport Aid Agreement
BB 109 CIP Airfield, Building and Environs Projects
BB 108 Air Service Incentive Program Funding
BB 107 Air Service Incentive Program
BB 106 Rezoning for NGA
BB 105 2647-49 and 2651-2653 Locust
BB 104 Zoning change for 4115 N. Broadway, 815-817 Angelica
BB 103 Deaconess Foundation Project Zoning Change
BB 102 TRANS Bill
BB 101 Redevelopment plan for 3172 Morganford
BB 100 Redevelopment plan for 5219 Daggett
BB 98 Amending code to add protection for homeless
BB 97 Transfer of Liquor License
BB 96 Quit Claim for 910 S. 4th Street
BB 95 Hunter Engineering Lease Agreement
BB 94 Honorary street name change to Terry 'Chip' Jones Way
BB 93 Ordinance making supplemental appropriation to the Annual Budget
BB 92 Ordinance pertaining to the Parking Meter Fund
BB 91 Ordinance pertaining to income exempt from earnings tax
BB 90 Ordinance regarding development plans for Madison Acres Area
BB 89 Ordinance authorizing contract for sale of property
BB 88 Ordinance prohibiting liquor in 3rd Ward
BB 87 Ordinance prohibiting illegal evictions
BB 86 Ordinance for regulation and control of air pollution
BB 85 Ordinance prohibiting the sale of paraphernalia for cannabis
BB 84 Renaming O'Fallon Park to York Park
BB 83 Sale of 1320 Market to MCB Hotel Owner LLC
BB 82 Vacation of Clifton at Columbia
BB 81 Ordinance establishing 4-way stop at Potomac and Louisiana
BB 80 Ordinance establishing 4-way stop at Oregon and Cherokee
BB 48 Excise Commissioner's discretion to revoke liquor license in the 25th Ward
BB 47 Real Estate tax abatement for 2325 Ann
BB 46 Redevelopment plan for Taylor, Delmar, Page, Kingshighway
BB 45 Ordinance approving the petition to establish the City Foundry CID
BB 44 Ordinance amending the petition to establish the 14th and Market CID
BB 43 Forsyth Associates Community Improvement District
BB 42 Street closing on Mardel west of Hampton Avenue
BB 41 Redevelopment plan for 2607 California
BB 40 Ordinance amending parking fines
BB 39 Parking Division operating expenses
BB 38 Ordinance amending tax abatement for 1513-23 S. Compton and 3201-27 St. Vincent
BB 37 Ordinance regarding Confederate Memorials
BB 36 Basketball courts in Forest Park
BB 35 Stolen car towing fee
BB 34 Buffer zone for health care facilities
BB 33 Stop sign at Chippewa and Marine
BB 32 Vacation of alley at Papin, Sarah Chouteau, and Talmage
BB 31 Ordinance to Join Clean Energy Act
BB 30 Ordinance establishing 3-way stop at Taylor and Kennerly
BB 11 Community benefits agreement for tax incentivized real estate projects
Board Bill 03 Sale of 3699 Market Street
Board Bill 02 Airport 2007 Refunding Bonds
BB 309 Ordinance prohibiting the use of alleys by operators of motor vehicles for drive through traffic
BB 308 Ordinance pursuant to Police Division Sergeant Bargaining Unit
BB 307 Ordinance pertaining to witness tampering
BB 306 Ordinance amending Civilian Oversight Board
BB 305 Ordinance approving minority and women owned business program
BB 304 Lease 5th District Police Station to Sun Ministries
BB 270 Solid Waste Service
BB 266 vacation of alley at St. Louis Avenue, 22nd, Cass, Jefferson
BB 261 Domestic violence leave bill
BB 260 Establishing charity bail fund
BB 246 Scott Trade Center Bill
BB 226 Use Tax to Help Fund Soccer Stadium
test bill
BB 303 50/50 Sidewalk
BB 302 Municipal Court operations
BB 301 Zoning change on 4547, 4901, 4903, 4905, 4909 Geraldine
BB 300 Kings Oak CID
BB 299 Jefferson Arms TIF Note
BB 298 Jefferson Arms TIF Agreement
BB 297 Jefferson Arms TIF Plan
BB 296 Zoning change for 4967-71 Palm
BB 295 Conversion Therapy
BB 294 Ordinance prohibiting the use of smokeless tobacco at sporting events
BB 293 Redevelopment plan for 2232-2256 S. Grand
BB 292 Ordinance pertaining to preventing passage to and from a health care facility
BB 291 amendment to Entertainment License Tax
BB 290 MLS Stadium Financing Agreement
BB 289 Armory CID
BB 288 Amendment to Carondelet Coke Redevelopment Project
BB 287 Assistance to local election authorities
BB 286 Armory TIF Agreement
BB 285 Armory TIF Plan