Article VIII

Section 1 - Appointments to be made by mayor; tenure.

The mayor shall appoint the following officers at his convenience, to hold for the term for which he was elected and until their successors qualify: assessor, supply commissioner, register, city counselor, city marshal, city court judges, clerk of city courts, president board of public service, director of public utilities, director of streets, director of welfare, director of parks, recreation and forestry, director of health and hospitals and director of public safety.


RSMo 82.550 (2016) Assessor appointed by mayor

City Counselor Ops.: 10080, 10384


A statute purporting to make assessors elected state officials was void. Stocke v. Edwards, 295 Mo. 402, 244 S.W. 802 (1922).

A statute providing that the treasurer is a county official prevents the mayor from appointing a treasurer. State v. Dwyer, 343 Mo. 973, 124 S.W. 2d 1173 (1938).

The positions set out in this section are not subject to the indefinite tenure provisions of Art. XVIII. Riley v. Holland, 362 Mo. 682, 243 S.W. 2d 79 (1951).

The Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline has the power to investigate and punish city court judges for misconduct. In re Fullwood, 518 S.W. 2d 22 (1975).


12.69—12.101 Manner of Securing Office and Public Place; Election or Appointment

12.108—12.125 Tenure


Submission Ordinance No. 49101

Submission Ordinance Approved August 9, 1958.

Amendment Substance: repealing Section 1 and enacting new Section 1, providing for appointment of directors of departments by Mayor, including a Director of Streets (and not Sewers), Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, Director of Health and Hospitals (carved out of Department of Public Welfare), amongst others.

Voter Adoption Date: November 4, 1958.


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